Purpose And Values


Great companies want to do business with other great companies. Integrity is a pillar upon which the Walblue Transport and Maritime Limited name stands, and it is important that we always do the right thing, even when no one is looking. We treat others the way we want to be treated – with honesty, fairness, dignity and respect – and we expect the same in return. We deal ethically in all transactions, because our lasting and most beneficial relationships are built on trust, which comes from doing the right thing with our fellow employees, customers and stakeholders.


Integrity in action

  • We act with honesty and fairness
  • We treat all with dignity and respect
  • We deal ethically in all transactions
  • We speak up to ensure right behavior



Safety begins and ends with each Walblue Transport and Maritime Limited employee. At Walblue Transport and Maritime Limited we see change as opportunity. We believe that to be truly successful, we must be responsible for the safety of our staff. Due the nature of our work, we surround ourselves and the environment in layers of defense. We wear proper protection, perform safety assessments and continually improve protocol and procedures.

We recognize and correct potential hazards when something is not right. To speak up and fully listen is a vital behavior and everyone has the authority and obligation to stop work if they believe it is not safe. Safeguarding the environment is a key element of this value. With vigilance and commitment, zero harm to people, property and the environment is attainable.


Safety in action

  • We take responsibility for our own safety and for those around us
  • We recognize and correct potential hazards
  • We follow protocols and procedures
  • We speak up and stop work if safety is compromised


High Performance

High performance is not only valued, it is expected. Walblue Transport and Maritime Limited staff provide extraordinary service. Our knowledge, passion, talent, ingenuity and helpfulness drive business for the company and create customer loyalty. Together as one company, one Team we are stronger than a collection of individuals. Our team approach requires everyone to contribute and to be accountable to one self and to each other. Learning and continuous improvement is an expectation of our work.


High Performance in Action

  • We deliver on our commitments
  • We embrace innovation and continuous process improvement
  • We succeed as a team when everyone is accountable and contributes their knowledge, skills and best effort
  • We cast a positive shadow to provide leadership at all levels of the organization