Sea Freight

Ship Chandlers

Anything you can think of, we deliver! What gives us the edge in comparison with other companies is the excellent quality of our products and services.

Our employees try to take as much work out of your hands as is possible and just simply take that extra step for you. That is what makes us more than your average ship chandler

Vessel Chartering

WALBLUE has the experience to help you navigate the world of vessel chartering. We can provide charter services for routes not normally covered by commercial liners as well as for cargo that cannot be accommodated on conventional service.  We can secure the right type of vessel to meet your specific cargo requirements. Vessels come in all sizes and with different lifting capabilities. WALBLUE has access to a worldwide network of vessels including:

  • RoRo vessels
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Container Vessels
  • Tankers
  • Dry Cargo Vessels
  • Gearless vessels

WALBLUE  matches your specifications with those of ship owners/operators, meeting the challenges of moving any type of charter cargo – wind power components, dredging and refinery machinery and equipment, cranes and heavy construction equipment;  equipment for new construction or developmental projects.

Clearing And Forwarding

For your organization, Walblue Transport And Maritime Limited  best meets your freight  related needs either by air or sea, because we are much better than our competition in terms of all round service provision, high performance, speedy services and superior customer service.

Ship Brokerage

Walblue create value and not simply act as intermediaries.  Our integrated team approach, which combines shipbrokers and analysts, allows us to quickly identify market opportunities.


Our trading floors routinely include experienced market analysts, statisticians, maritime technical experts, and project developers.  This unique mix of professionals creates an open flow of ideas, enabling us to identify and conceive shipping opportunities for our clients and assist them in realizing their goals.

Offshore Support

We have custom designed and built offshore vessels for our clients to ensure our fleet features modern technology and advanced systems. We have an innovation strategy that ensures our existing fleet continue to meet the emerging needs of our clients. And we invest in our people and operations to ensure our vessel service offering is world class.

Crew Change

We are in the business of attracting, developing and retraining the best set of crew for you. Our management centers are supported by global manning offices to recruit skilled seafarers and coordinate all your crewing needs.


Our Crewing Services Include:

  • Recruiting
  • Coordinating of manning offices and crewing needs for various types of vessels
  • Cost control
  • Training of crew
  • Proactive communication with clients
  • Travelling coordination
  • Keeping up on Protection and indemnity Insurance

Freight Consolidation

The Freight Consolidation Services for shipments are the cost effective way to transport low volume cargo. By grouping your shipment with others to fill a standard container, you avoid the cost of shipping an entire container on your own.


Hallmark of Service:

  • Competitive rates
  • Cargo compatibility
  • Frequent as well as flexible schedules
  • Global shipping and forwarding network


Cargo freight consolidation is more than a cost effective supply chain solution. The consolidated shipments receive the same benefits as full container load shipments with our world class logistics team, global network and local experts at every destination.


We consolidate the package of a single buyer from different suppliers in one single container and deliver it as full container load. This reduce the cost one single person have to pay for the freight forwarding.


Outbound Groupage

Walblue is committed to provide world class freight forwarding services and has endeavored to establish fixed date stuffing for worldwide distribution, in consonance with shipping schedules of premium carriers. Our operations are smoothened out with the help of our associates who are strategically located across the world. They are essentially handpicked professional organizations linked up to form a highly response-led and effective WALBLUE global network.


Inbound Groupage

Working through an extensive global network of associates and innovative routings, WALBLUE ensures that inbound freight into India are economical, effective and time-bound as far as deliveries are concerned.


Door To Door Logistics

WALBLUE specializes in offering services that span Shipping Documentation, Custom Clearances, Cargo Insurance, Warehousing and Local Distribution as a part of its Door-to-Door Logistics Service.

Import And Export Services

Our pro-active export and import services team helps cut red tape, navigate the latest regulations, minimize paperwork, expedite transit and lower your cost, while providing truly personalized service. You can be confident and assure that our services get your goods and products where they are needed, fast, efficiently whether by air or sea, and with no stress at all