Walblue Transport And Maritime Limited Information

Here you will find more information about how the supply chain industries work together to bring products to your fingertips. You will also find links to company skill standards and ways this company is working for you!

How Does the Supply Chain Work?

Here is a short Power Point presentation that provides a visual description of how all the aspects of the Supply Chain work together; from business to transportation to logistics.

Supply Chain Visual


Math for Trade

Ever wonder when you’ll ever use those math skills you learned “way back when”? The Center of Excellence has developed Math for Trade learning modules that show you how to apply those skills specifically to the supply chain industry!

— Math – Who needs It? — Units of Measure

— Area Measurement — Currencies

— Linear Measurements — Speed

— Temperature — Time Zones and Formats

— Volume — Weight and Pressure


What is Third Party Logistics (3PL)?

The four main 3PL segments are:

Domestic Transportation Management – Non Asset Based: 3PLs providing value-added transportation management services dealing with shipments originating in and destined to Ghana and nearby countries points. Usually performed in conjunction with freight brokerage, often contractual.

International Transportation Management: 3PLs providing value-added international transportation management services dealing with shipments originating in or destined to West Africa points usually performed in conjunction with freight forwarding, often contractual.

Domestic Transportation Management – Asset Based: 3PLs providing dedicated contract carriage services supplying tractors, drivers and management. Trailers are normally included, contract terms are 1- term of contract years.

Value-Added Warehousing and Distribution: 3PLs normally providing long term contract warehousing or distribution center operations with a host of value-adds.